Mount Kenya Naro Moru Route 4 Days Itinerary

Trip Introduction

This itinerary highlights the Naro Moru route 4 days trek. You can also combine the route by either ascending or descending on this route and doing the same on another route such as Sirimon or Chogoria. Another option to climb Mount Kenya in 5 days please check out the Sirimon route 5 days itinerary here.

Mount Kenya consists of three volcanic peaks, the highest, Batian reaching 5,199m. Followed by Nelion 5,188m both of which require technical climbing expertise. The third highest, Lenana 4,985m is the most popular and can be considered a trekking summit. Depending on the route and itinerary it is usually trekked in four to six days.

Trekkers encounter wildlife such as elephant, buffalo, leopard, antelopes, monkeys and apes, hyrax and birds as they go through a dense rain-forest on the lower slopes through the bamboo zone into the moorlands with grassy valleys, swamps, deep gorges and rocky formations covered in snow and glaciers.

Mount Kenya Naro Moru Route 4 Days

Day 01: Park gate to Met Station Bandas (3,080m/10,000ft)

Time: 4 – 5 hours

Our trek starts at the Naro Moru Gate and into the lush mountain rainforest filled with giant Camphor trees, Yellow Wood trees, St. Johns Wort, Hagena rose wood, ferns, orchids and other varieties. Here you will get a good chance of seeing various species of monkey, buffalo, zebra, warthog, elephant, antelopes and different species of birds. As we gain altitude the forest merges into the bamboo zone where we retreat into the comfort of Met Station Bandas campsite (Meteorological Station). Overnight in the Bandas.

Included meals: Lunch Dinner

Day 02: Met Station to Mackinders Lodge (4,300m/14,200ft)

Time: 6 – 7 hours

Today we trek shortly through the remaining forest and into the vertical bog, a vast high altitude swamp (Vertical Bog) blanketed with rolling clouds. We continue one until we exit into the Teleki valley named after the Hungarian explorer Samuel Teleki. We will get to see a variety of mountain birds and cross a mountain river before arriving at Mackinders Lodge (Teleki Lodge) where you will begin to spot the rock hyrax that call the area home. Overnight in Mackinders Lodge.

Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 03: Mackinders to Point Lenana (4,980m/14,570ft) to Met Station (3,080m/10,000ft)

Time: 4 – 5 hours to Point Lenana/5 – 6 hours to Old Moses

Our trek to Point Lenana starts in the early hours of the morning. We do this to get an opportunity to catch the early morning sunrise on the summit and view the sun draped splendor of the main peaks. After a moment on the summit we descend back at camp to have breakfast and pack then further descend to Met Station Bandas in time for lunch. Overnight at the Bandas

Included meals: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 04: Met Station to Naro Moru Park Gate (2,400m/7,874ft)

Time: 2 hours

After an early morning hearty breakfast We trek out to Naro Moru park gate down through the bamboo and upper forest and into the rainforest. Here we keep an eye out for chances of spotting elephants, buffaloes, leopard and several other species foraging in the early morning atmosphere. We then sign out at the park gate and bid the local crew farewell.

Included meals: Breakfast

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